Welcome at leitmotif, your Luxembourg-based 360° independent partner, specialised in public relations and communications.

A 360° PR consultancy firm

leitmotif’s mission is to be your partner of choice in the field of public relations via the implementation of communication and press relations strategies. It provides expert support with sensitive communication, the promotion of brand image and reputation management.

leitmotif encapsulates in a single word the conceptual approach chosen to highlight a project, a brand, a company, a creation … the initial idea is, above all, to respond to the challenges posed by the establishment of a guideline or point of reference to give form to disparate set of features and reinforce the message to be transmitted and the image to be conveyed over time.

Innovative, creative and proactive, leitmotif offers their clients the possibility to distinguish themselves from their competitors through a professional and conscientious approach in confidentiality.

With a portfolio of more than 45 clients from varied and competitive business sectors, such as private banking, ICT, arts and culture, fashion, photography, architecture, film industry, event management and catering, leitmotif has the necessary experience to adapt and offer their clients new communication strategies according to their precise and specific needs.

[fade]leitmotif is an independent Luxembourg-based agency founded in 2016 by Isabelle Faber.[/fade]

Active for 25 years in the fields of communication and public relations with companies operating in the private and public sector, both Luxembourg and abroad, the time and the desire had come for Isabelle Faber to share the experiences and lessons learned, as well at the network of contacts established via the various positions held over the years:

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  • Marketing assistant in the banking sector (DG Bank Luxembourg)
  • Sales representative for cultural events (ArtJonction-Cannes), radio (Europe1-Nice) and an advertising agency (IP-Luxembourg)
  • Director of Marketing in the supermarket industry (Match-Luxembourg)
  • Director of the first e-commerce platform in the Grand Duchy (Luxsite-Luxembourg)
  • Communication Manager and co-designer of the PwC training centre (PwC Academy-Luxembourg)
  • Director of Marketing and Communication, including Press Relations, Sponsoring and Events for clients and employees of an audit firm (PwC-Luxembourg)
  • Advisor, Director of Communication and Press at the Grand Ducal Court

The team


Isabelle FABER

CEO & Founder

Giving up medical studies also meant abandoning her dream of working with “Médecins sans frontières”, but earning a degree in communications was what brought Isabelle to pursue the path of a self-made woman through an atypical but no less exciting career. She shared her enthusiasm, passion and determination with customers and bosses, based on her penchant for accuracy in creating narratives which convey their image. Isabelle is proud to have been born in '68, she is a fan of Julien Clerc and Georges Braque and her professional experience, acquired after more than 25 years of eclectic missions in Luxembourg and abroad, could be summed up one day in a book, probably titled, “No one is I was expected to achieve the impossible".



Digital Communications

Dany joined the team when it was established in 2016 and has since been characterised by his approachability, optimism and limitless creativity. As a true perfectionist, his motto "no solution, no problem", the secrets of which only he is privy to, is in the image of the open-mindedness and natural curiosity he applies in solving problems that at first glance appear unsurmountable. After having managed a small company and obtained a mediator's certificate at a very young age, his passion now brings him to the digital communications arena, which he fully masters... to the delight of clients. Dany is both resourceful and a perfectionist, as well as an aesthete deep down, essential qualities for discovering improbable goodies or setting up exquisite events, and which provides a clear indication of his guilty pleasure: vintage furniture.




Fabio, or Fábio for the purists, is an unremitting fan of Elvis, Queen and Dire Straits and has a weakness for Asian cuisine, especially ramen. Fabio joined the agency in 2017 and since then has developed his copywriting and journalistic writing skills without abandoning his passion for SEO, a legacy of his time with a local multimedia agency that served as a platform for his entry into communications. Fabio is a Luxembourg national with command of no less than six different languages. Patient, conscientious and with a jovial nature, Fabio is never without his watch, his phone ... and his umbrella, an instinct probably cultivated through his frequent trips to London, a cosmopolitan city he loves above all others.


Dynamic, flexible, innovative

leitmotif follows the adage that it is not essential to know everything but to know where it can be found …

In order to respond to their clients’ demands and to offer competences complementary to their range of services, leitmotif has a network of freelancers and providers specialised in different fields: graphic designers, conceptors, printers, photographers, translators, …