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leitmotif aims to optimise the perception of your image by promoting and emphasising your know-how and expertise.

Communication strategies in a continuously evolving landscape

leitmotif wants to be a partner of choice to accompany businesses, institutional and cultural organisations, business leaders and independent entrepreneurs in …

  • The promotion of know-how and development of their expertise.

  • The development of pertinent and customised communication strategies aimed at creating value-added content in order to increase capital and foster strong relationships with stakeholders.

  • The promotion of both corporate culture and employee motivation.

leitmotif is aimed particularly at…

  • Small to medium size enterprises

  • Independent professionals

  • Family businesses

  • NGOs and social and humanitarian organisations

  • Marketing and Communication managers and Human Resources

  • Cultural actors

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Silence is made of unspoken words

Marguerite Yourcenar Artist, writer (1903-1987)